Skywalk Studs

Enables a power step forward

18k white and yellow gold with pavé diamonds


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Evidence of the Future: The Collection

Renisis presents a collection of statement wear jewelry, elevated in craft and thematic impact. Its debut collection, Evidence of the Future, takes inspiration from Far East ancient armor and present-day statement jewelry of American urban culture. Futuristic and sculptural, it incorporates those elements through modern themes of empowerment, protection, and magical transformation.

Combining the renitor concept of strength with Sardwell’s desire to entice transformation, many of the one-of-a-kind pieces contain secreted details, such as fluorescent stone patterns that glow alive under a black light. Within others, reinterpreted floral patterns originally found in Japanese indigo fabric prints line the underside creating a playfully feminine and intimate connection between the artist, the jewelry and its wearer. In time, the emotional power and allure illuminates brighter, in the true spirit of renitor.

The strong use of black and white conceptually reverberates with the universal concepts of good and evil, shadow and illumination, yin and yang. Black jade, known as a grounding guardian stone, is juxtaposed and sensitively contrasted with icy jade – believed to resolve chaos, restore calm and entice good fortune.

Bold, beautiful and retro-modern these sculptural jewelry pieces begin to define the cultural transformative world of Renisis and the superpowers that lie within.